Nova Caravans Offers Luxury Travel Options for the Open Road

caravaningThe open road beckons to a larger portion of the population each year, a factor that has aided the extraordinary popularity of Nova Caravans. The firm features multiple styles of caravans for sale, providing consumers with a range of choices ideal for entry-level buyers and those who spare no expense on luxury travel.

Nova Caravans has come to be synonymous for quality, durability and luxury. The popularity of the towable recreational vehicles continues to grow as more people seek to escape from congested urban and metropolitan areas for the quiet solitude of wide open spaces. Nova Caravans has a wide range of vehicles from which to choose for working getaways, family vacations and off-road adventure.

The firm offers multiple models to accommodate the needs, desires and requirements of the individual. An extensive array of floor plans are available and the company creates custom caravans to the client’s vision. Nova Caravans offers the following models:

  • The Revivor offers entry-level affordability without sacrificing comfort, safety or styling.
  • The Nova Vita encompasses handcrafted features designed specifically for Nova Caravans. Elegant styling and spaciousness are the hallmarks of the Vita. The Vita Workabout is also available for busy people on the go and features a custom designed workstation created exclusively for Nova Caravans.
  • Developed with the active individual in mind, the Terra Sportz is rugged, durable and well able to handle difficult terrain for the off-road fan. The model boasts the luxury furnishings and appointments for which the company is known.
  • The Nova Escape is king of the luxury family getaway vehicle. On-board entertainment essentials, an ample storage area and spacious living quarters make the Escape a favorite of families throughout Australia.
  • The Nova Pride sets the standard for elegance in mobile travel. The Pride features the most desired comforts and features wrapped in unique styling for discerning individuals. It’s the winner of the Caravan World Legends Series award for luxury.
  • The Pride Platinum is the pinnacle of caravan design and opulence. The new offering features a slide-out bedroom, sumptuous furnishings and luxury throughout for traveling in style and class.

The firm can be reached by phone at (03) 9930 0900 or by visiting Nova Caravans online.