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Businesses are Choosing Supreme Heating for Solar-Powered Systems

Thomastown, Australia – Aug. 30, 2014 – A diverse array of businesses are choosing solar-powered heating systems offered by Supreme Heating Melbourne for their commercial endeavors. Colin Mauger founded the company more than 20 years ago and the firm has become the preferred destination for solar water heating systems.

Solar heating systems utilize the power of the sun to heat water at residential locations for bathing, washing clothes, and heating swimming pools. Solar water heating systems are becoming increasingly popular with commercial concerns that include spas, hotels and fitness centers.

Supreme Heating offers a full line of money saving solar-heating systems. Each system is custom designed and created to accommodate the client’s individual needs. The company has solar-powered heating systems for pools, homes and businesses, pool covers for additional savings, solar heat pumps and robotic pool cleaners for extra convenience.

Solar heating systems for pools allow customers to extend the life of their pool by up to six months for additional value. The solar system significantly reduces the cost of heating pool water and eliminates greenhouse emissions. The result is a reduced carbon footprint, up to 70 percent savings on power costs, and each system is the equivalent of planting 200 trees.

Experienced designers and installers work closely with clients to determine the type of system best suits their needs. The company’s professional installers calculate multiple variables that include regional temperatures, the water volume to be heated and the space available for installation, along with the correct positioning of the solar collectors.

A solar water heating system increases the value of homes and businesses. It’s a valuable marketing tool for commercial enterprises, presenting an energy efficient solution that’s effective for attracting new customers and demonstrating a commitment to the environment.

The company has experienced enormous growth and has fully-equipped business sites in a variety of locations that include:

Supreme Heating provides complete solar-water heating systems and professional installations, along with on-going management and maintenance services upon request. The company also assists clients with financial incentives and tax rebates available through government programs.

Fans can follow the firm on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. For more information, call 1300 787 978 or visit Supreme Heating online.