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Acoustic Lagging

LGP Insulation offers services for acoustic lagging and contracts the insulation to the building and service industries. LGP is an EBA listed company and can therefore take on any size project so call us on 0438 667 984 so we can assist you. LGP can assist with insulation in the building and service industries and our qualified team specialise in soundlag 4525c, cladding to the mechanical, food and wine industries and heating and cooling insulation.pipe lagging

We specialise in soundlag 4525c and the product is effective in houses, commercial and industrial buildings. Pipe Acoustic Lagging is a high performance sound sheathing material that consists of a mass loaded flexible vinyl bonded to a foil facing with a decoupling layer. It acts as a noise absorber as well as a noise barrier and therefore is very beneficial. It provides excellent sound reduction properties and can be used on pipes, valves, fan housings and ductwork.

With 20 years experience in Wattle Glen, Victoria, LGP insulation has a reputation of providing high quality work at a reasonable price. You can contact LGP insulation at or visit their website for a quote online-

Termite Specialists at Everyday Pest Control Treat New and Existing Infestations

termiteMelbourne, Australia – Nov. 7, 2015 – The termite specialists at Everyday Pest Control are masters of their profession who undergo extensive training. Insect eliminators have the knowledge and expertise to identify insects, diagnose and treat a wide range of infestations, primary of which is termites.

Termites are one of the most destructive insects that afflict property owners, causing more than $5 billion in damages each year. They burrow into and eat wood, weakening it as they go. They construct tubes and tunnels, allowing colony members to travel in safety and out of sight. Termites can live up to 250 ft. away from their primary food source.

There are different types of termites, some of which live in the structures they consume while others reside in the soil and commute to their selected food source. The members of a termite hive are voracious eaters, consuming wood 24/7.

No home is immune to an infestation, even those built of brick. The interior frames are constructed of wood and provide a tasty treat for the insects. A single termite queen can live to be up to 50 years old and produce more than 500,000 offspring during her life cycle.

While termites are unwelcome guests for property owners, they perform an important function in the wild. Termites accelerate the breakdown of decomposing and decaying wood that nourishes the soil, providing a rich environment for new growth. They create ventilation systems for the colony that that aerates the soil.

Termites are also methane producing insects, releasing up to 50 million tons of methane gas into the atmosphere each year, a greenhouse gas associated with pollution and global warming. Subterranean termites also create methane, but the majority of the emissions are contained underground and absorbed by the soil. Carbon dioxide is also produced by termites that plants use to conduct photosynthesis.

The Everyday Pest Control termite specialists utilize Altriset® for treating infestations of the insects. It begins to work within a few hours after application and is easily transferred to the colony, while remaining safe for people and pets. A termite infestation can happen to anyone and Everyday Pest Control has the expertise, experience and knowledge to deal successfully with new and existing colonies.

For more information, call 1300 933 113 or email

Red Crayon – Cutting edge branding and marketing

The team of highly experienced designers, planners, writers and marketing strategists at Red Crayon are one of Melbourne’s most creative advertising agencies.

marketing-strategyAn effective marketing strategy is crucial to the success of any campaign. Red Crayon can assist with marketing strategies, brand strategies, communications strategies, digital strategies, and brand positioning strategies. Through a carefully considered process of analysis, Red Crayon will help to design and deliver a plan specifically designed to communicate your message to your target audience in the most effective manner, all with their particular creative flair.

Red Crayon are based at Level 3, 132-136 Albert Road in South Melbourne. Contact one of the team on (03) 9533 2211 to discuss what they can do for you.

Businesses are Choosing Supreme Heating for Solar-Powered Systems


Thomastown, Australia – Aug. 30, 2014 – A diverse array of businesses are choosing solar-powered heating systems offered by Supreme Heating Melbourne for their commercial endeavors. Colin Mauger founded the company more than 20 years ago and the firm has become the preferred destination for solar water heating systems.

Solar heating systems utilize the power of the sun to heat water at residential locations for bathing, washing clothes, and heating swimming pools. Solar water heating systems are becoming increasingly popular with commercial concerns that include spas, hotels and fitness centers.

Supreme Heating offers a full line of money saving solar-heating systems. Each system is custom designed and created to accommodate the client’s individual needs. The company has solar-powered heating systems for pools, homes and businesses, pool covers for additional savings, solar heat pumps and robotic pool cleaners for extra convenience.

Solar heating systems for pools allow customers to extend the life of their pool by up to six months for additional value. The solar system significantly reduces the cost of heating pool water and eliminates greenhouse emissions. The result is a reduced carbon footprint, up to 70 percent savings on power costs, and each system is the equivalent of planting 200 trees.

Experienced designers and installers work closely with clients to determine the type of system best suits their needs. The company’s professional installers calculate multiple variables that include regional temperatures, the water volume to be heated and the space available for installation, along with the correct positioning of the solar collectors.

A solar water heating system increases the value of homes and businesses. It’s a valuable marketing tool for commercial enterprises, presenting an energy efficient solution that’s effective for attracting new customers and demonstrating a commitment to the environment.

The company has experienced enormous growth and has fully-equipped business sites in a variety of locations that include:

Supreme Heating provides complete solar-water heating systems and professional installations, along with on-going management and maintenance services upon request. The company also assists clients with financial incentives and tax rebates available through government programs.

Fans can follow the firm on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. For more information, call 1300 787 978 or visit Supreme Heating online.

Nova Caravans Offers Luxury Travel Options for the Open Road

caravaningThe open road beckons to a larger portion of the population each year, a factor that has aided the extraordinary popularity of Nova Caravans. The firm features multiple styles of caravans for sale, providing consumers with a range of choices ideal for entry-level buyers and those who spare no expense on luxury travel.

Nova Caravans has come to be synonymous for quality, durability and luxury. The popularity of the towable recreational vehicles continues to grow as more people seek to escape from congested urban and metropolitan areas for the quiet solitude of wide open spaces. Nova Caravans has a wide range of vehicles from which to choose for working getaways, family vacations and off-road adventure.

The firm offers multiple models to accommodate the needs, desires and requirements of the individual. An extensive array of floor plans are available and the company creates custom caravans to the client’s vision. Nova Caravans offers the following models:

  • The Revivor offers entry-level affordability without sacrificing comfort, safety or styling.
  • The Nova Vita encompasses handcrafted features designed specifically for Nova Caravans. Elegant styling and spaciousness are the hallmarks of the Vita. The Vita Workabout is also available for busy people on the go and features a custom designed workstation created exclusively for Nova Caravans.
  • Developed with the active individual in mind, the Terra Sportz is rugged, durable and well able to handle difficult terrain for the off-road fan. The model boasts the luxury furnishings and appointments for which the company is known.
  • The Nova Escape is king of the luxury family getaway vehicle. On-board entertainment essentials, an ample storage area and spacious living quarters make the Escape a favorite of families throughout Australia.
  • The Nova Pride sets the standard for elegance in mobile travel. The Pride features the most desired comforts and features wrapped in unique styling for discerning individuals. It’s the winner of the Caravan World Legends Series award for luxury.
  • The Pride Platinum is the pinnacle of caravan design and opulence. The new offering features a slide-out bedroom, sumptuous furnishings and luxury throughout for traveling in style and class.

The firm can be reached by phone at (03) 9930 0900 or by visiting Nova Caravans online.

Looking For a Reliable Driving School?

Learning to Drive in Greensborough, Victoria

Many people are searching the web for a driving school in Greensborough. Why? Because with today’s strict licensing requirements, it’s more difficult than ever for a parent to bring his or her child through the driver’s training and testing process alone.

In a suburban community like Greensborough, almost everyone needs to have a driving license, and nobody wants to be left behind as their friends take to the road and become independent. Almost every learner driver in Greensborough today is working with a local driving instructor. A qualified driving instructor will teach a learner driver how to do everything by the book so that they can pass the practical driving test the first time. An experienced driving instructor knows how to teach in a patient and positive way, providing feedback that will enhance the students’ confidence while strengthening their skills.

Consider the 120 hour supervised driving requirement for learners. That’s quite a burden for a parent, and a parent whose driving skills have adapted over the years may not be able to instruct a young person in the precise driving style that they need to learn in order to pass the practical exam. Of course, a driving teacher can help by teaching a young person the basics, but they can also act as a secondary referee to help keep those skills strong throughout the supervised driving period, which is often two years long.

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Greensborough residents would be well advised to find a good driving school to provide driver’s training and to assist with the 120 hour practice requirement. HiWay Driving School, at, is an excellent choice. Their website has more information on their services and on today’s requirements for new drivers in Greensborough and the rest of Victoria, Australia.

Drivings Lessons – Stay Safe On The Roads!

Dentists in Balwyn North – Caring and Gentle Dental Clinic

Dentist Balwyn NorthEvercare Dental group is a dental practice focused on providing comprehensive quality oral health care for you and your family with greatest emphasis on prevention. We are committed to meeting the needs of patients of all ages. We believe that oral health is essential to your general health and well-being and have designed our practice with you, our patient, in mind.

Part of our commitment to serving our patients includes providing information that helps them to make more informed decisions about their oral health needs. This website is a resource we hope you will find both useful and interesting – visit here – Dentists in Balwyn North.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

We look forward to seeing you in our clinics. You will be impressed.

For appointments please call either Eltham on 9439 1772 or Bulleen on 9852 3865.